The EU-CERT project focuses ont adult education.
One of the core ideas is to promote adult education results created within ERASMUS+ projects.

Typically, there is no certification or accreditation of those. In our needs analysis at 200 trainers from adult education and at 50 adult education providers, which we conducted before this application in winter 2020 many users (87%) complain about intransparency and weak quality of European adult education project results which cannot be transferred into daily adult education practice.

Here the EU-CERT project comes into action and tries to enhance quality in adult education and helps to ensure that adult education providers are able to find high quality adult education results which can be used in practice and which base on excellent adult education projects.

 This will help to support common shared values in adult education and is the basis for civic engagement which is fostered by excellent adult education approaches.

 Moreover, it fosters the participation of European adult educator in a high quality adult education network with ensured standards.

 An accreditation system for projects which runs under adult education promotes the idea of ERAMUS+ and offers another way of transparency and visibility in Europe.

 All seniors and all European citizens get a possibilty to find excellent adult education resources via the accreditation information and standards.
This is the important basis for enhancing quality assureance in adult education. To involve all generations in education is an important task in Europe and adult education plays a crucial role in this field.

The main goal of the EU-CERT project is to define, design and implement European criteria for ERASMUS+ project accreditation and to develop a stable accreditation structure that will also run sustainable after the end of the EU-CERT project.

 Therefore, the project consortium is going to develop a mechanism to monitor the effectiveness of adult education project via an accreditation system which is based on clear criteria and a solid accreditation procedure.

 Our core project result is the accreditation system of EU-CERT