EU-CERT on YouTube – Explanantion Videos

EU-CERT, the European Certification and Evaluation of Renewable Technologies, is dedicated to standardizing and certifying renewable energy technologies across Europe. To aid stakeholders in understanding and navigating its certification processes, EU-CERT has produced a series of instructional videos. These videos cover various topics, including an introduction to EU-CERT, user registration, evaluator registration, institutional accreditation, and product accreditation. Each video provides clear, step-by-step guidance, ensuring that users, evaluators, institutions, and manufacturers can efficiently engage with EU-CERT’s rigorous standards.

Video: EU-CERT 1: Introduction

Video: EU-CERT 2: User registration

Video: EU-CERT 3: Evaluator registration

Video: EU-CERT 4: Institutional accreditation

Video: EU-CERT 5: Product accreditation