The ERASMUS+ project EU-CERT – European Certificates and Accreditation for European Projects – focuses on the development, testing and evaluation of European standards for project accreditation and certification in adult education.
It has a duration of 28 months and the project language is English.

The EU-CERT project is part of the ERASMUS+ program in the field of adult education.
In EU-CERT, the consortium creates an accreditation tool and an accreditation process for ERASMUS+ projects, their results and outputs such as courses, modules, curricula, training, software, etc.
EU-CERT develops European standards for project accreditation in adult education. The main goal of the EU-CERT project is to define, design and implement European criteria for ERASMUS+ project accreditation and to develop a stable accreditation structure that will also run sustainable after the end of the EU-CERT project. Project results (PRs) and the high-quality outcomes/ outputs must be made more visible and valued. Measures like the ERASMUS+ label are nice and try to take a first step to make the ERASMUS+ program more visible, but such approaches cannot guarantee quality. EU CERT is based on the pre-existing needs analysis that was carried out before applying for project. The needs analysis gave a general overview of the accreditation and certification structure in adult education with regard to ERASMUS+. Our needs analysis prior to this application was a formal, systematic process to identify and assess the needs for such a certification and accreditation process in adult education. It became also clear that a PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) alone cannot be a sufficient basis for future quality assurance and accreditation in adult education. This means that in order to develop a workable approach within EU-CERT we need more detailed information about the existing processes.
The EU-CERT partners create a concept design. The accreditation procedure is designed in detail. The EU-CERT accreditation process is intended to be supportive, consistent and objective. Our accreditation process ensures that EU-CERT certification practices are acceptable, transparent, effective and useful.
The EU-CERT European accreditation and certification process will be ´tools to help stakeholders to understand, value and, where appropriate, recognize learning outcomes and qualifications across the Union.´ Quote according to the guideline of the ERASMUS+ Program 2020 (Program Guide 2020, p. 325).