Project Result 1: EU-CERT – Research on Quality Criteria, Accreditation and Certificate Structures

Project Result 1 provides an in-depth examination of the existing certification and quality assurance structures in the EU-CERT´s partner countries. It is based on the existing needs analysis that was carried out before the project. The needs analysis gives a general overview of the accreditation and certification structure in adult education with regard to ERASMUS+ projects.

This result is set up as a mixed methods approach including a qualitative and a quantitative research which then come together.

The qualitative research part consists of a desktop research and qualitative interviews. The desktop research was conducted to find out the current status in the partner countries regarding accreditation and certification tools. The qualitative interviews were designed to analyse a certification system of adult education programs on the basis of different criteria of quality.

The quantitative research part aims at facilitating the analysis of accreditation and certification systems and the establishment of quality criteria after the evaluation of the guideline. Is consists of a broad questionnaire on quality assurance with regard to ERASMUS+ and necessary quality criteria as well as existing certification elements.

Here you can find all files concerning the Project Result 1 of the EU-CERT project.