EU-CERT Handbook

The EU-CERT Handbook provides all information of the EU-CERT Accreditation Tool and its process as well as the chosen criteria. There is also a segment about accreditation for adult education and the accreditation and certification processes.

There are three versions of the handbook:

Full version:
– General introduction into accreditation, certification and certificates
– The need for accreditation, certification and certificates in adult education
– EU-CERT: Overview of the project, aims and objectives
– The accreditation and certification processes of EU-CERT
– The quality criteria of EU-CERT
– User guideline thorugh the accreditation process and the website
– Guideline for educators and evaluators
– Results of the EU-CERT research on accreditation and certification in European adult education

Guideline A: short version
– steers the user through the accreditation process and website

Guideline B: extended version
– provides help and hints for the accreditators and evaluators

Online version of handbook