Project Result 6: EU-CERT – Policy paper

The policy paper is needed to bring the results and ideas of EU-CERT to policy makers in order to actually use the innovation across Europe. It will include the main findings of the project, provide evidence, and discuss why an improvement of the quality assurance in adult education´s policy approach might be relevant. It will suggest policy options, while showing chances of each option. It will also provide an overview of financial aspects such as impact and value for money.

The policy paper will consider four key issues:
– the importance of high quality training to ensure that adult education can effectively respond to the local and regional needs and helps to achieve the current EU 2020 goals as well as future aims
– the need to focus on supporting the development exchange and certification in adult education and accreditation to foster sustainability in its three axis
– the importance of accreditation in adult education (high quality education, business, governance, social protection, etc.) to achieve common frameworks towards sustainability
– explain accreditation and certification processes within EU-CERT and criteria on which they are based

Here you can find all files concerning the Project Result 6 of the EU-CERT project.