Dear partners, developers, users, and testers,

With great joy and gratitude, we look back on a very successful project period of EU-CERT. Your tireless support and collaboration have made this project what it is today.

A special thanks goes to our partners, who have always stood by us with advice and support. Your commitment and expertise have been invaluable.

A huge thank you to the programmers who formed the technical backbone of this project. We would especially like to highlight Nuno, whose exceptional skills and dedication have significantly contributed to our success.

We also want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the users and testers. Your feedback and suggestions have helped us continuously improve EU-CERT and adapt it to your needs.

Together, we have achieved great things and laid the foundation for a sustainable future. We look forward to continuing to work with you and celebrating many more successes.

Many thanks to you all!

Your project team from the University of Paderborn

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